NVIDIA SLI, wilk it work?

I have an old machine (intel 64 bit) with currently one NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460. I have dual boot with Windows. I have access to a second GTX 460 which I was thinking of adding in SLI mode, and would work in Windows OK. SO wondering if adding it will impact my dual boot Fedora 32 installation:

Q: will I have to install the NVIDIA drivers instead of the noveau drivers ? (actually, I was not able to find how to check which drivers are currently in my F32 installation. I have not done anything spacial, so I assume they are the default noveau drivers ?)

Q: will the NVIDIA drivers have to be “tweaked” to let my F32 installation that I have SLI ?

Q: will kernel updates “know” I have SLI, or will I have to re-do bits every time the kernel gets updated ?

Q: most important – am I just asking for troubles ? and would be best off not even adding the extra card ?

Cheers !