NVIDIA proprietary GPU Drivers not functioning

Hello. I download NVIDIA’s Proprietary GPU drivers for my laptop, but every time I reboot it says NVIDIA Missing Kernel Module. I have the mobile version of the GTX 1660 super ti.

Please note that I have tried reinstalling NVIDIA drivers and RPM packages at least a dozen times. I also tried turning off secure boot. None of that seem to have worked.

Is this the document you are following?


Yes. That method worked for my desktop, but not my laptop.

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do you have kernel-devel installed?

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for your laptop. What errors did you run into, if any?

I haven’t had any other noticeable errors.

Looks like my laptop automatically re-enables secure boot if the TPM device is enable, so I turn both off and that fixed the issue.

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Thank you for the update. Noted and filed for future reference!