NVIDIA Proprietary drivers boots up to black screen

I have a NVIDIA RTX 3070 and a i5-12600K. I installed Fedora 38 alongside my Windows 10 installation from Ventoy. I used the custom option for storage and then pressed automatically make the partitions. I booted up normally the first time and installed the package “akmod-nvidia” and rebooted my system and all I saw was black. If I pressed my machines power button it would show the shutdown swirl, with the fedora logo and the spinning wheel. If I boot with nomodeset, it to a black screen that I press ctrl+alt+f3 on to get out of the blwckscreen. The resolution starts off stretched but corrected once it logged in. I am not new to Linux but I don’t have any experience with it. Sorry for bad formatting, this is being written on mobile. I am willing to answer any questions and run any commands. Thank you in advance for your help.

Most likely issue is that the rpmgusion nvidia drivers are not installed correctly.
Check the romfusion docs and make sure that the nvidia drivers.
Frequent issues are that secure boot is enabled in the bios, turn it off or install cretificate and febuild driver.
Drivers did not get built, check the akmod logs.
Wrong nvidia driver package installed, check rpmfusion nvdia docs to make sure you have the correct driver for you gpu.

Ther are lots of recent topics covering these problems with hekp to get working.

Check the kernel command line for initcall_blacklist=simpledrm_platform_driver_init as explained in Nvidia Forums.

two possibilities come to mind immediately.

First is secure boot. Is secure boot enabled? if so then the nvidia drivers will not load unless one also ensures the modules are signed. Easiest fix is to boot into the bios setup and disable secure boot before continuing the boot.

Second is windows fast boot. If windows fast boot is enabled this often happens.
If windows is not fully shutdown this also may happen. When booted to windows always do a full shutdown.

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