Nvidia kernel module missing falling back to nouveau in fedora39

my Laptop is AcerNitro5s. i searched a lot and try lot of things. but everytime i turn on the laptop, it takes a lot time for OS to load.
i also get kernel drivers not installed Error when i want to run ubunto on VirtualBox

I presume you have installed an Nvidia driver from rpmfusion with secure boot enabled, but have not signed it yet.

I recommend you uninstall the driver and follow the steps from this post. You should also switch to xorg to avoid any difficulties you might encounter with wayland.

The full uninstall is not normally required.

  1. Create and enroll the key by following the instructions in /usr/share/doc/akmods/README.secureboot (sudo is required)
  2. Remove the currently unsigned modules with sudo dnf remove kmod-nvidia-$(uname -r)
  3. Build the new signed modules with sudo akmods --force
  4. reboot.

The nvidia modules should now properly load and function.


This is similar to the nvidia issue. The virtualbox kernel module also needs to be rebuilt and signed.
Follow the same steps above, but for the removal in step 2 use the package name kmod-VirtualBox-$(uname -r)

You actually can do both at the same time if you modify that command in step 2 to read
sudo dnf remove kmod-nvidia-$(uname -r) kmod-VirtualBox-$(uname -r)
Step 3 then would build both modules for you with the needed signature key.

thanks to You, the Error message is gone. but it still takes about 1 minute to load OS. while on windows, it was 2 seconds.

Windows uses “fastboot” aka “Fast Startup”, which is a form of hibernation/“suspend to disk”, but doesn’t support dual boot configurations (so has to be disabled to use linux). Linux has similar capabilities, depending on the vendor/model. This involves power management, which differs with vendor and model, and needs good vendor firmware support. Linux’s power management implementation is quite different from Windows, so requires that vendor make the effort to support linux in their firmware.