Nvidia drivers on optimus laptop

I do have a laptop with nvidia optimus that has a geforce gt 520m with intel hd integrated graphics (2nd gen). How do i install nvidia drivers? Bumblebee and rpmfusion didn’t work.

@vauxx—welcome to the forum. Please have a look at the informative posts in #start-here if you haven’t had a chance.

I’m not entirely sure, but I had a laptop with optimus hardware for the better part of a decade and was unable to ever get it to work properly. Linux support for optimus just doesn’t seem to be good enough.


is the best bet. They have links to the official Nvidia pages that list support for various hardware.

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I installed the one for 400/500 series and now it’s stuck on a gray screen after reboot on latest kernel.

Nevermind i fixed it.
What actually happened at that gray screen part is it was on login screen. But it was seeing an unknown screen for the primary display device not my laptop’s screen.
To fix it, i enabled auto logging in on the previous kernel then reboot in newer kernel and you’re in the desktop.
Rest is easy, just right click to display options and select laptop’s display as the primary one.

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