Nvidia Drivers + Gnome = freezes when launching apps

I’ve came across a bug while using nvidia drivers (418) with my gtx 1050 ti mobile.

When launching apps the system freezes inevitably for about 5 seconds and then it responds. It doesnt happen when i use other DE, like KDE, Mate or Cinnamon…

Also, it happens with a fresh install.

Here is what i’ve done so far to replicate this: Fresh install, first login with “nouveau.modeset=0”, then sudo dnf upgrade, reboot with “nouveau.modeset=0” then enable the rpm fusion nvidia repository, sudo dnf update, install drivers and reboot. This is when this happens.

Also, there is a constant message about " BOOT_IMAGE=/ vmlinuz " crashing.

Hope this helps.

Any tips?

Ps.: After installing Nvidia Drivers on Fedora Cinnamon, lightdm doesn’t show up and i have to manually enter tty4 and do “startx”. Installing and switching to GDM works.