Nvidia drivers from web slow down gpu accelerated effects on video editors like shotcut(mlt)

Installing nvidia drivers from web gives 3d gaming performance a big boost but slows down gpu accelerated effects on video editors like shotcut(mlt)
Can you think what is going on here ?

It affects the final product on Shotcut, if displayed on another device?

I really don’t know what’s happening with you, and i’m not an video editor expert, i’m more like a gamer, but what i can tell is that the GNOME interface (default in Fedora Workstation) may lead to headaches when combined with Nvidia proprietary drivers… you could try whatever you are trying on KDE for example, just to test the waters.

Ps: The ideal way to install Nvidia proprietary drivers on Fedora is through RPM Fusion.

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For a linux gamer fedora with nvidia proprietary drivers (latest beta) installed from the web gives fantastic gaming performance on linux ! I have never met a linux distro with similar performance, maybe its the driver. But gpu accelerated effects on shotcut are slowed down with the web nvidia driver. Right now i have installed the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion and shotcut has absolute speed while previewing processing demanding projects where i have 3 or more 1080p videos on seperate video tracks with other effects applied plus transparency

So, the problem is solved?

No because i don’t know what the web nvidia driver is missing , or its maybe a much newer /beta version and thats why has problems with gpu accelerated effects. I just installed nvidia from rpmfusion and 3d gaming has not the performance it had with the web nvidia driver