Nvidia driver reverts back to nouveau in latest kernel 5.19.6-100.fc35.x86_64

After installing the lastest updates this morning my system fails to load the nvidia kernel driver 515-65-01 and reverts back to nouveau. Is this normal or planned? If not how do I get my nvidia driver to load and run as before?

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More info: If I revert back to previous kernel the nvidia driver is loaded and works. When gnome login window appears in new kernel I get the message “NVIDIA kernel module missing reverting back to nouveau”.

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Was the nvidia driver installed from the rpmfusion repo?
If so and the user installed the akmod-nvidia package (and not the kmod-nvidia package) then it should be rebuilt with each kernel update.
If it was instead installed directly from the nvidia site then the user must manually reinstall the driver before it can be loaded and active.

I have seen times where the reboot occurred too soon and thus the build of the module was not completed when the user rebooted after the update.

The driver was installed from rpmfusion. I guess what is confusing is that if I do “dnf list installed | grep nvidia” I see both an akmod-nvidia package and 3 different kmod-nvidia packages. The akmod-nvidia package was installed from rpmfusion but the kmod-nvidia packages are from @@commandline.

As far as booting too soon after update, I have reboot several times over about 2 hours and even reboot into older kernel.

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If booting into the older kernel still works, then it seems the modules for the newer kernel were not properly completed…

To remove the appropriate packages and reinstall them simply do
sudo dnf remove *nvidia* --exclude=nvidia-gpu-firmware then follow that with sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda which should rebuild the modules properly for the running kernel and the newest kernel.

The kmod-nvidia packages are the ones that are automatically built locally by the akmod-nvidia package.

Alternatively you should be able to do sudo dnf remove kmod-nvidia-5.XX.XX for the kernel that is having problems then do sudo akmods --force to force the rebuild from all akmod packages currently installed.

After adequate time to complete the module rebuild then reboot and it should work regardless of the path chosen. The rebuild may take several minutes.

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You, my friend are a scholar and a gentleman!! I removed the kmod-nvidia packages I saw in the installed packages and then ran akmods --force. I let the system alone for about 10 minutes and rebooted and all is well.

Thank you!