Nvidia driver or gnome crashes after closing SOME wine apps


I’ve noticed that on fedora rawhide (38) Nvidia and Gnome crashes (black screen then go back to login with every apps closed like a logout) when I close wine application that has a custom border and Icon tray (EX : League of legends, Uplay) it doesn’t crash in a virtual desktop.

does anyone can confirm this bug ? or does anyone has a fix ?


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Hi @mimillie , if you’re using rawhide, you will get better help on the Fedora QA team’s channels who actively use and test rawhide. Rawhide is not a released version of Fedora and should not be used as a daily driver. It should only be used if you are helping to develop/test the next Fedora version.

Please see the “Audience” and “Discussing rawhide” sections here:

Hello, thanks for you answer, I’ll check on the Fedora QA later.

To be clear I’m just using Rawhide because my laptop keyboard doesn’t work with kernels below 6.0 and I also need Nvidia drivers so I’m a bit forced to use it until kernel 6.0 comes in fedora 37 as stable release. (because kernel 6.0 are in debug in fedora 36 so they won’t work with Nvidia)

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I can avoid every crashes turining off tray icons (appindicator extension)


That’s unfortunate, F37 is now in Beta freeze, but I don’t think the 6.0.0 kernels will get to it either:


Well I just have to hope then… because for my need, Fedora still the best choice since more than 5 years.
I don’t really want to use something else so finger crossed :crossed_fingers:


You could use fedora 37 with the 6.0.0 kernel from rawhide. If the kernel is the only issue that may work for you.

I’ve already tried to use the kernel on older fedora releases but the only working are in debug mode and theyy don’t work with my nvidia GPU (the proprietary driver) and I need them for CUDA works