Nvidia Driver on Silverblue 37

Hi to all,
I’m trying to install Nvidia driver to Silverblue 37, as for title, to use my GTX 1060 3Gb with Blender.
I’ve followed the zillion guide you can find on the web and layered the drivers via rpm-fusion, but Blender still respond that there is no GPU that can be used for rendering (I’ve installed nvidia-cuda so it should work). I know for certain that is not a problem with my card because when I was on arch there was no problem in get it working with the latest driver.
So how can I check that everything is setup correctly? there is something that I should know/do to make it work?

Thanks in advance.

One of the guides should tell you how to check that your system is actually using the proprietary NVidia driver instead of nouveau, possibly using lspci or nvidia-smi. Have you verified that the correct driver is being loaded and used?