Nvidia driver 530.41.03 black login screen

Hi. I’ve installed the newest nvidia driver 530.41.03, but now I have the following issue.

After each reboot or logout, my login screen turns black. In addition, a “no signal” message is displayed on my monitor. However, I can enter the password blindly and log in.

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

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This issue was related to Wayland.
The following solve the issue.

cd /etc/gdm/
sudo vi custom.config

And uncomment this line

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True, but a bit misleading as the real defect is with the Wayland support provided by NVIDIA’s non-free drivers. Some users may find that the nouveau driver works perfectly well for their needs while NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers are high-maintenance.

I’ve got a similar issue. In my case, I can boot up to the display manager, but I get a black screen when trying to log into a new session: How to upgrade a single package in Silverblue?

As @gnwiii points out, the accepted solution is not truly the solution to this issue, as by blacklisting Wayland, you are falling back to the X server. Expect some inconsistencies with how the graphical stuff works with this change.

530.41.03 is not a recommended driver by Nvidia. This driver should have never been packaged by rpmfusion for fedora 36, 37 and maybe 38. It’s a New Feature Branch ( kind of beta). I’ve exluded this driver from the rpmfusion repositories for now.

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Thanks this helped and saved my night. Have been struggling since morning and I have installed fedora multiple times both 37 and 38-beta.
Hope Nvidia fixes this problem soon.

Maybe you’re still in time to give Silverblue (in whatever flavor best suits your taste) a spin!

All I had to do when I stumbled upon this issue was to roll back the changes, and I was back on my feet in no time.

Also, the OSTree family of Fedora spins has many other nice goodies worth exploring :sunglasses:

Try removing these options from the kernel cmdline

nvidia-drm.modeset=1 initcall_blacklist=simpledrm_platform_driver_init

Wayland works OK here.

@leigh123linux doesn’t matter, It won’t work with fedora 37.
All I can get in wayland is the login screen with control-alt-F1

X11 works. BUT nvidia-settings segfaults. Something is seriously wrong with this driver.

(nvidia-settings:2862): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 18:20:18.179: g_object_unref: assertion ‘G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I tried with all installed kernels 6.1.18 (?) 6.2.8 and 6.2.9
Where can I find the previous nvidia rpms? They have been removed from rpmfusion repositories. No ‘dnf history rollback’

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You can get the old rpm’s from koji Builds | koji

No one here has posted any useful info.


thanks. I’ll try to collect the info before I downgrade to the previous version.

it’s the 144Hz refresh rate issue with the 530.41.xx driver. Switching to 60Hz works.
can be changed in $HOME/.config/monitors.xml (gnome/mutter).

rolled back to the recommended production branch. nvidia-settings still crashes on X11. With Wayland the assertion message appears, but program seems to work. Not sure if it’s a local issue…

This is weird: when removing those settings, upon login into my KDE session, I can see the KDE splash screen, but soon after that, the screen goes dark, and there’s no way to get a vide signal again.
Otherwise, everything seems to work well, as I can ssh into my system and systemctl reboot it from there :thinking: