Nuancier (aka the Supplemental wallpapers voting tool)

Hi all,

There is currently an open ticket in the fedora-infra queue regarding Nuancier (i.e. the supplemental wallpapers voting application).

Issue #10739: Updating Fedora Nuancier - fedora-infrastructure -

Just wondering if anyone knows anymore information about this tool?

According to the voting history, it has not been used in over three years (since the voting for the Fedora 32 supplemental wallpapers)

Is it time to consider sunsetting this tool? or something else?

FWIW Nuancier is under the remit of the Websites and Apps Team but owing to the fact that it has not been in active use for quite some time now, I do not think it would be correct to maintain something which is there even when it is not used, in the wake of other actively used web applications to take care of.

+1 to sunsetting. Curious to hear what others have to say.

I see that Nuancier is basically on ice now. I am sad but I understand the decision to sunset. But I don’t think we should write off the possibility that it could come back.

I would suggest that the community supplementary wallpapers were one of the most-loved and easy-to-participate ways of contributing to Fedora. We engaged an artist community of photographers and animators for these wallpapers, and those were the people who benefited from Nuancier. Most of those people were not engineers or packagers.

There was a “bus factor” element here, as the one person driving the wallpaper competition did it out of passion but when he had to focus on other things, there was not a hand-off. I know of two community members in the past who tried to fill the gap, but there was not documentation or instructions on how someone could actually run it.

I understand the strong desire to sunset services, tools, and apps not in active use. Nuancier hasn’t been used in a long time. However, it would be nice to consider ways we could bring something like this back, perhaps in 2024. Something I observe in the community is that sometimes people feel that more work is being “taken out” of the community. I don’t think this is actually true (from my perspective anyways). But I am mindful that finding ways to keep the community close to the production of Fedora in fun and exciting ways is really important to making Fedora a great place to be as an open source contributor.

I guess my ask could be summarized that should we retire Nuancier today, we don’t write off the possibility that it could make a comeback if community interest emerges for running supplementary wallpaper contests again.