NTFS (unwanted) automatic removal of readonly flag

Hi there,
First post since Ive been completely stuck on this issue.

So we have a few NTFS formatted USB disks on which the readonly flag is set using Windows’ diskpart cmdline tool.

Issue is that as soon as I plug one of those USB disks in a Fedora custom live system, we get instant full access to the drive.
Oops ! But it gets worse : when we plug the disk back on a Windows machine, the disk is unusable until going back to diskpart removing the readonly flag (then putting it back on).

Problem : those disks must be readonly in our use case.

As an old school guy, I used to use ntfs-3g and only recently removed it from the live system, thus switching to the “new” NTFS kernel driver I guess.
It magically worked as expected, and I thought the problem indeed was ntfs-3g.
Yeah ! solved issue ! Or maybe not. Because it only lasted for a few builds, and I’m actually back to square one : plugging one of those USB drives to the custom live system somehow breaks something in the NTFS volume again.

The Live system is still based on F37 at the moment. It is built at least once a month from tha latest packages available.

Could anyone spare some guidance on how to solve this ?

Could I be missing a package (I’ve noticed that the number of dependances pulled for the build could vary without modifying the kickstart recipe, depending on the update of our cloned Fedora repos) ? I’ve looked this way but couldn’t figure out what package might be usefull.
Could I be pulling an unwanted package that interferes with the NTFS kernel driver ? I’ve looked this way but couldn’t find anything to remove.

Any pointer appreciated.

Edit: typo ! There may some more since my english is rusty ^^