NTFS external HDD does not allow renaming MP4 files

Good morning, I connected an external HDD to my PC to rename some MP4 video files from Nautilus and the system returns an error message saying that the file cannot be accessed, Input/output error and then the file disappears but I can see it by doing “ls” in the terminal.
The detail is that it only happens to me with video files, other type of file does allow me to manipulate. The HDD has NTFS partition.
I have tried to mount the drive with fstab and after rebooting it does not allow me to enter the folder where the videos are and shows me an error related to the file that I previously wanted to rename.
Any idea what is happening?
I only have Fedora installed.

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In Nautilus, You can check the file permissions and manipulate the ownership, This can also be done by using Admin:/ from the search bar if you need elevated permissions :


Doesn’t NTFS have a max path length limitation (255 I think), and if yes, could it be that for those specific files this length is exceeded?

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That is not an NTFS limit. There is a limit of 257 in win32 but there are well know API to use the max of 32767 approx. See this for why its approximate Maximum Path Length Limitation - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

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