Notes that are not libre office? like notepad for windows

notes that are not libre office, like notepad

Please make a sentence that we can understand what you are looking for.

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Are you looking for a note taking app? LibreOffice Writer is a word processor mainly.

Like Obsidian




like notepad for windows?

Cheers but is there something like notepad for windows equivalent

I do not know how far you are on Linux, and which DE you use.

  • nano the text editor for the terminal (installed).

  • micro is an other more sophisticated terminal text editor (sudo dnf install micro).

  • and For the Gnome Desktop there is the Text Editor (installed).

  • leafpad (sudo dnf install leafpad) Gnome (gtk)

  • mousepad (sudo dnf install mousepad) Gnome (gtk)

I hope you find something what fits for you from the list above.


Thanks legend, leafpads what I’m looking for.

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The obvious ones are:

  • Gedit (gedit) - used to be default text editor in Gnome
  • Gnome’s Text Editor (gnome-text-editor) - is the “new” default text editor in Gnome.

Yes thanks to display the correct command name. “Text Editor” appears when people look for Text… in gnomes search field.

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Gnome Desktop comes with a Text editor.

Also there is

  • Vim/NeoVim which is amazingly powerful and highly customizable.
  • Emacs because it can do anything + Org Mode.
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