Notebook Suspend - User vs System level settings

I installed Gnome-Tweak tools to disable Suspend on Notebook Lip close.

It works fine, as long as I am logged on to Gnome, then close the lip.

If I do not log on, of logged out already, then close the lip, I know the notebook is suspended as Wifi connections got cut immediately.

Here I have some questions:

  1. Can I setup a system level default setting, which every user can override when they are actively logged on.
  2. Can I setup a system level default setting, which no other user can override?

I am not sure about the behaviour when a user tries to override a setting via GNOME Tweaks, but the system-wide configuration is in /etc/systemd/logind.conf.

Uncomment the lines that say HandleLidSwitch, HandleLidSwitchExternalPower and HandleLidSwitchDocked and change the values to ignore (or however you want them configured).


Thank you very much.

After edit of logind.conf, now, I can power on my notebook without open the lip and boot into Fedora without issues.

Next, I am looking to enable WOL.

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