Note: For testing Plasma 6, you can rebase to Kinoite 40 instead of rawhide

It you use Kinoite prerelease for Plasma6 you may want to rebase to Fedora 40.

Fedora 40 is still prerelease but rawhide is already on branch 41. This may cause issues with some repositories, and Plasma6 is added and updated on Fedora 40.

rpm-ostree rebase --reboot

or the classic ostree remote

rpm-ostree rebase --reboot fedora:fedora/40/x86_64/kinoite

You may need to rpm-ostree reset if you layered packages, especially KDE apps. Afterwards I recommed to layer as many KDE apps as possible, to be able to report bugs.

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This is also possible with the KDE 39 KDE spin.
First fully update, then upgrade, see here:

I am tying this in a QEMU/KVM virtual machine and am using Fedora 40 for it. Works great, no issues yet.

possible to upgrade from 39 to 40? Yes sure, but this is about using Kinoite with Plasma 6