Not authorized to perform operation?

Not authorized to perform operation (polkit authority not availableand caller is not uid 0 (udisks-error-quark, 3)

Sorry you’re continuing to run into issues, Kim. I took the liberty of editing your title to provide better information and be less offensive.
Again you’ve not provided enough information to help us … what command are you executing? I see the result, but not the context.
Please capture the command and response together and paste using the </> format operator.

Sorry I get verbal sometimes when the errors make no sense. All I did was reboot and the problem went away. What I was doing was changing to the drive and I received that message. There was no command issued it was with the mouse click through the files program on the link and in the disks when I tried to format or what ever. And thanks for editing the title. I did the update yesterday and this and other things happened. My libre products (word processor etc updated) and it remove my setup and resorted to the black screening that I hate with a passion and remove the flatpak version. Just little annoying events like these.

Oh, I understand the frustrations that can come up sometimes like that. But unless you’re just venting steam (for which the forum isn’t appropriate), any of us volunteers can’t help with ideas or solutions unless we get enough context.
So, for this particular “not authorized” problem, you no longer have this issue? (The Libre products issue is a separate topic.) If so, you can mark the “All i did was reboot and the problem went away” phrase as the solution to your problem.

According to the output you posted, they do not have permission. Because the UID is assigned to another user.

Practical example:
You had Ubuntu installed and ~/Home on a separate partition.
Now you have overwritten Ubuntu with Fedora and have included the old ~/Home partition or even later via fstab.
This will end with this error as soon as you want to change the data. You are now no longer the owner of this data.
UIDs are unique and unambiguous!
You can read up on this topic →

I hope I could help.

Okay! Let me ask about the libre and why the removal of the flatpak version. Are they other than capabilites and screen presentation the same only modified?

Thanks for your response. As soon as I rebooted the problem went away.

Weird I seem to have a similar problem