Not able to SSH to KVM guests after installing Docker CE

After installing Doceker CE , am not able to SSH into KVM guests from other computers in LAN, but am able to SSH from KVM host to guests.

Note: KVM host is usin bridge network over wired LAN

How to solve this issue

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How did you do this?

I had a similar problem … se the discussion where I started:

Hi ilikelinux

Thanks for the replay , I’ve gone through the link , what I understood is you created a NAT network, (but are you able to SSH to VM ? ).

In my scnerio I created bridged network and able to SSH and internet in VM’s, but after installing Docker-CE, I am able to use internet only in Docker containers,
but not in KVM VM’s, and also not able to SSH to KVM VM’s.

What I understand is that its a routing issue, but not able to fix it.


In Virtual Machine Manager > Edit > Connection Details > Virtual Networks, remove all networks.

Afterwards check the two points @glb mentions in the topic below.

When this done, do select the network on the specific VM as in the picture below:


Now you can start the VM

With this procedure you theoretically created you a virtual x-port switch where you connect all your VM’s.

If you use Fedora Workstation please do you the favor and use the nm-connection-editor instead of the build in Network editor in the Settings of Gnome 4.2x. Otherwise you will get bothered wit auto network etc … really annoying.

Of course, if you are a happy :grinning: Terminal user make use of nmcli to manage your network.

If you can, try to include toolbox or ‘podman’ with rootless containers, in your workflow.
I think this way you not have to fight wit this unnecessary routing troubles.

I will add this mini tutorial to the discussion on Might be that I will get some more Tricks/Tips to tweak the libvirt/network workflow.

Good luck


After everything am not able to perfectly configure the KVM alongside with Docker,
But I took your advice and included podman, apart form missing “PORTAINER” everything works perfectly in my network.

If you can suggests somthing like portainer for podman, that wolud be great.


Unfortunately i can’t. But you can make a new topic and describe what you expect from a app like Portainer. Important is that you give enough info’s what you want to achieve and in what an environment you work.