Nordvpn missing /run/nordvpn/nordvpnd.sock at startup

After an OS update Fedora 35 deletes /run/nordvpn/nordvpnd.sock. This did not occur with Fedora 34.The error message: it cannot find nordvpnd.sock. That folder is empty and the vpn will not start.

This is corrected by running: sudo systemctl restart nordvpnd, the VPN works until the next OS update, then it is necessary to repeat the restart command.

I have alerted Nordvpn of the issue.


Hi @rallan what do you mean by OS udate? Fedora 34-> 35?
Good to tell Nordvpn also of the issue.

This is what I mean by an update of Fedora 35.:


As you know these prompts for minor OS updates appear with some regularity.

I received a response from Nordvpn but it was unhelpful.


For me it’s not a burning issue, it’s just a matter of entering an additional command to get Nordvpn working. I thought the responsible thing to do was to alert the interested parties then see what they make of it.

I see. You do not use Dnf update

To find out if it is a general Fedora-Linux issue or an issue with the Gnome-App you should try dnf too. Next time when you see the update info, open a terminal and type

sudo dnf up then it displays a list what it wants to update. Copy and paste it, that we can see what is going on. Even more important is that you check if the nordvpn problem occurs.

@Jaap Bosman

“I see. You do not use Dnf update”


I usually don’t, I usually wait for prompts from the Software Repository and let it handle updates, as per the image I posted. I did have another problem once that I did not report- with Fedora 34 - where the Software Repository would not update, it gave me a long complicated error message that I could not figure out despite a web search. I fixed that problem with sudo dnf update. That issue became moot and has not recurred with the switch to Fedora 35.

Thanks for the guidance.

from my terminal, today’s update prompt:

[ra@fedora-main-drive ~]$ sudo dnf up
[sudo] password for ra:
Repository vivaldi is listed more than once in the configuration
Last metadata expiration check: 1:56:02 ago on Sun 28 Nov 2021 12:00:28 PM.
Dependencies resolved.

Package Arch Version Repository Size

kernel x86_64 5.15.4-201.fc35 updates 14 k
kernel-core x86_64 5.15.4-201.fc35 updates 35 M
kernel-modules x86_64 5.15.4-201.fc35 updates 32 M
kernel-modules-extra x86_64 5.15.4-201.fc35 updates 2.0 M
fedora-release-common noarch 35-36 updates 21 k
noarch 35-36 updates 14 k
noarch 35-36 updates 12 k
gstreamer1-libav x86_64 1:1.19.3-1.fc35 rpmfusion-free-updates 210 k
x86_64 1:1.19.3-1.fc35 rpmfusion-free-updates 208 k
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly x86_64 1:1.19.3-1.fc35 rpmfusion-free-updates 191 k
kernel-headers x86_64 5.15.4-200.fc35 updates 1.3 M
rav1e-libs x86_64 0.5.0-1.fc35 updates 875 k
kernel x86_64 5.14.16-301.fc35 @updates 0
kernel-core x86_64 5.14.16-301.fc35 @updates 76 M
kernel-modules x86_64 5.14.16-301.fc35 @updates 31 M
kernel-modules-extra x86_64 5.14.16-301.fc35 @updates 2.0 M

Transaction Summary

Install 4 Packages
Upgrade 8 Packages
Remove 4 Packages

Total download size: 72 M
Is this ok [y/N]: ^COperation aborted.
[ra@fedora-main-drive ~]$

I have postponed these updates for now.

from the Software Repository (same time as terminal):


Hi @rallan Repositories are in /etc/yum.repos.d
If two vivaldi repository files exist, remove one. (as Root)
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
ls (this will show content of yum.repos.d)
sudo rm [name of repo file]
This will ask for your password

It is the short form of it.

I went ahead with the updates and there was no problem this time. Nordvpn behaves as it is supposed to.

Possible reasons:

  1. Nordvpn corrected the problem over the weekend.

  2. these very updates corrected the problem

  3. these updates do not induce the problem

I will keep a close eye on updates that require a restart, and collect the sudo dnf up information prior to executing the update, so that if it does recur I have some useful data to give you.

Thank you.

I tried correcting this Vivaldi issue on my own and went nowhere. I will apply your recommendation.