Non responsive maintainer check for @marxin

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Hi folks,

Would anyone know how to contact @marxin? They only maintain the one
package, python-pebble, but it doesn’t look like they’ve been active in
a while. The package did not see to have been updated at all since the
initial import:

and there are now new pending bugs that have not seen responses too:

We’ve waited for responses to PRs in the past and then had to use proven
packager rights to update and maintain the package:

Since a Neuro-SIG package depends on it, we’re happy to take it over.

Here’s what I could get from fedora-active-user:

python --user marxin --email
Last action on koji:
   Fri, 15 Sep 2023 tag_package_owners entry created by humaton [still

   Last package update on bodhi:
      2020-06-29 07:10:30 on package python-pebble-4.5.3-1.fc33
      Last actions performed according to fedmsg:

      Last email on mailing list:
      ERROR:active-user:name 'mailinglist' is not defined

Here’s the tracker bug:

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