No Wifi Adapter found! problem! (acer)

Hi! I’ve switched to fedora 36 from ubuntu. But after some days, there is a problem " No Wifi Adapter found!"
In the below file, there are some screen shots.
There is my terminal command.

File link (Drive)

This is my hard-ware model ( Acer Swift SF114-34 ).

Everyone sorry for bothering you, it has been solved when I use ‘sudo dnf update’ and restart the computer. Thanks you for your help.

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you can share your images or commends directly in this forum while shareing texts </> use it


+1, could you please run fpaste --sysinfo --printonly and paste the output you receive here?

Pasting text, especially for terminal commands, is preferred here because we cannot search for text in screenshots, and it’s much harder to follow multiple screenshots than it is to scroll through command output.

Edit: found your model on the Linux hardware database. Unless something has changed, it seems to be an Intel Wifi adapter that should work out of the box (although there are a few “failed” entries there too):

sorry i put it in the file, you can download the file from below link