No usable network interfaces after installing proprietary broadcom-wl from rpm-fusion

I have a PC with an ASUS PCE-AC56 card that comes with the BCM4352 chip. After a fresh installation of Fedora 39, the wireless network connection didn’t really work well - it was slow, constantly dropping, and eventually, there was no connection at all.

I then realized that the open-source driver was probably not well optimized to run on my BCM4352, so I installed broadcom-wl (using Android USB tethering from my phone since the wireless network was not usable). However, after rebooting, there was still no network whatsoever, not even from my phone via USB tethering.

Currently, the only interfaces I have are “lo” and “enp****”. Using an Ethernet cable where I live is currently not possible, so I would like to use Wi-Fi instead.

I am willing to provide logs if you find it useful, but please let me know what kind of logs you need. This problem existed in Fedora 37 and Fedora 38 as well. I used them in a VM afterwards, but finally decided to switch.

If this is a desktop PC with an installed broadcom wifi card I strongly suggest either a usb wifi dongle with an intel chipset or a pcie card with a intel wifi chipset and toss the broadcom.

Broadcom only uses proprietary drivers, and often seems to have problems with their drivers and newer kernels.

I avoid both Broadcom and Realtek like a plague. YMMV.

Added broadcom and removed f37, f39

So I guess “broadcom-wl” is not usable right now on Fedora.
I bought PCIe Wi-Fi card based on Intel AX210.
This one should work out of the box, as it’s supported straight from the kernel since version 5.10

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It us usable but only properly supports some of the available chipsets. Others have limited or no support.