No updates for F32 Beta for several days?

I didn’t receive any update for several days for my F32 Beta. It’s quite strange.

Read about it… Maybe you can see only thirdparty repositories working (Rpmfusion or UnitedRPMs) but they are crazy boys :wink:

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I guess it is because of the freeze period that happens before the actual release:

From: Fedora Linux Release Life Cycle :: Fedora Docs

“For some time prior to a milestone (Beta, Final) release a freeze is in effect which prevents packages moving from updates-testing to stable except in accordance with the blocker and freeze exception bug policies. This freeze is lifted once the milestone is finished, and so packages begin to move from updates-testing to stable as normal again, until the next milestone’s freeze date.”

The actual schedule: Fedora Linux 32 Schedule: Key

Note that Fedora 32 will be released on the 28th of April.


Hello @wuqso,

You like frequent updates? Try Fedora Rawhide then.

The right answer is the @returntrip’s one :slight_smile:


Oh, I see. Thank all of you very much!

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And Fedora 32 is out of Beta … it is a “Go”! Its going to be released by next week (I think)

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