No such ref 'app/org.gnome.gedit/x86_64/stable' in remote fedora

Hello everyone,

I have an issue receiving an error popup when opening the Software Center:

Sorry, somethig went wrong:
No such ref 'app/org.gnome.gedit/x86_64/stable' in remote fedora

What can I do to trace down the source of this error? I have run flatpak repair but that didn’t seem to fix it. Are there any other commands that will clean the flatpak repository, or is gedit installed via rpm inside the Fedora CoreOS?

flatpak remotes
will show you the enabled remotes (repos)

flatpak list
will give you a list of the current flatpaks installed.

flatpak search "app"
will show you the applications that match “app” in your remotes

flatpak remote-info "remote" ""
Shows the information about an app in a remote

IE …
flatpak remote-info fedora org.gnome.gedit

will show you information from gedit in the fedora remote.

If this is working from the command line and not in software it’s likely a bug. This could also be issues with the remote.

ref: Flatpak Command Reference — Flatpak documentation

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