No sound in Teams (Thinkpad X1 carbon Gen7)

Since I update my system from F33 to F34, Microsoft Teams is not detecting my audio output.
I reinstalled pulseaudio and pipewire but its not working.
Other apps detects my audio output.
Is it a known issue ? Do you have a fix ?


Welcome to the community.
Please take your time to check out this #start-here .

Teams and Linux are not best freinds … Please read this article and see if you can use something to solve your problem:


Thank you, I managed to make it work with an USB headset using the flathub version.
It’s still not working with my laptop speaker but that’s not a big deal.
Have a nice day

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To compleate and mybe find a solution for your speaker problem, could you please tell us the exact Laptop model you use and on which Desktop Environment you face this problem.

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I’m using a Thinkpad X1 carbon Gen7, F34, Gnome 40, Wayland (same issue with xorg).

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Did you install it this way:

Audio may not work after upgrade to Fedora 34 if pipewire was previously installed

I remembered you while reading this a few minutes ago :wink:

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Yes I installed it following this guide.

Every other apps are working so the issue comes probably from Teams not being a good software :laughing:. Unfortunately I have no choice, I have to use Teams for school…

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