No Sound in Fedora 38 with AMD 7736U

I can not get any sound to work with HP dragonfly pro laptop. it has amd ryzen 7736U processor with rembrandt Radeon HD audio controller. From what i can tell it is acp6x. I only have dummy output in gnome sound settings. I applied all updates as well. Not sure if something is getting configured wrong in sound profile. since it does appear to be loading the acp6x module in Linux kernel.

Is this a fresh install of Fedora 38? allows you search for reports for your model. If audio generally works in other linux distros, then Fedora 38 may have a bug that needs reporting. If others can’t get audio to work, you may want to add USB audio dongle.

It is a fresh install of fedora, a new laptop so hardware is new, I also did try Ubuntu 23.04 and did not have sound there either so it is definitely a hardware support issue. possibly as simple as profile since it does have module but i am not a pro linux user. in Linux is lists my sound card as Rembrandt Radeon High Definition Audio Controller (Detected) and as Raven/Raven2/FireFlight/Renoir Audio Processor (Detected)

Update: After a bit more research it looks like my hardware needs to be added to acp6x (dmi_system_id yc_acp_quirk_table) based off someone else having a similar experience prior.

“Detected” is just a starting point, you hope to see “Working”.

It can some time for new hardware to be handled properly. Adding an entry to the yc_acp_quirk_table generally involves adding code to related module(s) that may or may not get back-ported to the kernel you are using. I keep a few cheap USB sound dongles for just such issues. They are all too common for new hardware, so I have learned to shop for hardware that has been around long enough to get support from the kernels I use.

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