No SHA256 sum for LXDE spin

There is no SHA256 sum for LXDE distro in the CHECKSUM file

How could it be?!

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$ grep -i LXDE Fedora-UNOFFICIAL-30-20190427.0-x86_64-CHECKSUM 

# Fedora-LXDE-Live-x86_64-30-20190427.n.0.iso: 1345683456 bytes
SHA256 (Fedora-LXDE-Live-x86_64-30-20190427.n.0.iso) = acb62d33424c5867334c5eb22fbc83bfc449724d078a2e696100659f20acfaa6
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Oh, but can I ask why it’s UNOFFICIAL?

Is it not that well maintained? Unsolid? Malicious functionality, perhaps?

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This file is signed with the official GPG key and the signature is valid.
Likely it wasn’t an official release image but sort of pre-release originally.


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I think it should be there. Could someone please speak to the LXDE contributors to confirm? They can be reached on their mailing list.

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If I’m not wrong, when there was the last F30 Go/No-Go meeting, it was decided that all the criteria were meet in order for the operating system to be released. But at that time, some isos have failed to build. One of these was LXDE.
So, since LXDE is not a release blocking iso, it was agreed to release it some days later as an unofficial build. Unofficial doesn’t mean that it is unmaintained, error prone, etc. Simply it was not produced following the default path.

Here you can find the Go/No-Go meeting log: Meetbot Logs


Thanks for in-depth explanation!

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I think @alciregi’s explanation should be the answer. Could you please mark it as so?