No screen mirroring option in Fedora 36


id like to screen share my desktop etc, but in options / sharing there is no screen sharing option. Doesnt matter if it is in Wayland or xorg.

I need that option bad, how can i turn it on? i just moved from Mac OS and i liked screen share there.

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You wish to screen share using which application? What is your desktop environment? (Gnome, xfce, …) What is the graphics hardware (Nvidia, Intel, …)? Techniques and support differ by application, desktop environment, drivers. With some additional information such as that someone should be able to provide some guidance.


Thank U!
Ok, id like to mirror my desktop, stream it whole to TV, dont know if u know how it works in Mac OS, but screen share is just a streaming whole desktop to a TV.

I am using Gnome with Fedora 36, and thought, screen sharing in Fedora is the same as stated above? But even if it is, i dont have that option listed in sharing in settings.

I am usin old Macbook Air (late 2015), with intel i5, HD graphics 6000.

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Ah, so the title should say “screen mirroring”, perhaps, to convey your subject more clearly. I’ll change the title, hope that’s ok.
I haven’t tried this, but a quick search for “fedora gnome screen desktop mirroring” turned up this and other content that may be helpful: Install alfacast screen mirror on Fedora using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Good luck.

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Yep, its not that i am searching for, also it doesnt support Wayland and:

The application does not support

• Alfacast is not DLNA™, UPnP™ media render or media server
• Alfacast is not Apple AirPlay™ receiver or transmitter
• Alfacast is not Google Chromecast™ receiver or transmitter
• Alfacast is not Miracast™ receiver or transmitter

anyway thank U for help, i guess there is no such a thing as desktop mirroring here.