No root password

When I installed Fedora 29 (earlier this year), I do not remember being asked for a root password. I used my google account and it’s password, then changed to a local password. How do I get to use root and a root password? I need it for Kicad directory permissions.

Try this article!
Although I suspect the following may still work:

sudo chmod <mode> <path>
Fill in the appropriate Mode, where Path is the Kicad directory in question

I believe you should be able to

sudo passwd root

and set a password for the root account. Maybe I am oversimplifying it.


Thanks that worked great.

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Great…! Simple is best in linux and Have a nice day!!

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I’ve been off the grid for a while. Recently upon doing an install I found out about this. I think that it is supposed to be about suppressing root from using ssh by eliminating root altogether and that somehow being more secure? Maybe I have that wrong. I found this reasoning to be flawed. I mean if someone were to find a workstation unlocked in this condition all they would have to do is issue one command and they would instantly have root privs. It is a horrid idea both from a security perspective and just a general usability perspective.
Personally I grew up always being root in most instances. I never got into using sudo for everything. It just drives me batty. I know that there is a really big push to try to force users more and more away from root space and I get it. The problem is that somebody will always need root privs and if that is the case on my hardware that person will be me. I think that a lot of this is an effort to eliminate private ownership of hardware. It just creeps me out.
Sorry for the rant. I just find it creepy and annoying that we are losing physical control of our hardware and when that happens our data and by extension privacy and freedom goes with it. That should be the big lesson that we learned from social media in the last 5 years but it likely hasn’t been.

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