No Pinyin Cloud Input option on Chinese Intelligent Pinyin

On Ubuntu/Debian, the Chinese (Intelligent Pinyin) input method from Ibus used to have an option in settings under the “Pinyin mode” tab called “Enable Cloud Input”, which made this much more viable to use daily, as the Intelligent Pinyin by default is not that intelligent.
On Fedora, I do not seem to have that option, and seeing in the Repo from Ibus Libpinyin, it seems that this option was added back in version 1.11. Fedora is running version 1.15.1, which is the same as on Ubuntu, but differently from Ubuntu, on Fedora I don’t have that option to enable cloud input.

On the screenshot below, that option was supposed to be under the “on => ong” checkbox.

I don’t have Ubuntu anymore so I can’t show you how that option used to look like there. Also, one alternative is to try and compile ibus-libpinyin myself to check if the options appears back, but I’m not entirely sure how to do that.

I’m on Fedora 38.

Update: I could get the option to show up when I compiled ibus-libpinyin from source myself, using the --enable-cloud-input-mode flag. Now I have the option:

However, I still can’t see the cloud suggestions when typing. I’ll try to compile it with some other flags later to see if I can get this working. Still, this was already a big progress!
And now I wonder why Fedora doesn’t come with this compiled with cloud input by default? :thinking:

Seems like it was decided against long ago:

If you think there is a case to enable it now, you can ask the maintainer there.

There is also some related discussion upstream: fedora34内置版本没有云输入 · Issue #315 · libpinyin/ibus-libpinyin · GitHub