No Keychron C2 function keys

So the issue of function keys not working on Keychron keyboards in Linux by default is a recognised one. However, on other distros you can fix it by running the commands from the following guide: Mike Shade - Guitar, Vocals, Tech

But using that command for rebuilding initramfs at the end would obviously not work on Fedora. So I did a search on this, and the first attempt I made was using this guide: , but this did not make the changes persistent. Then I searched this forum for ‘Keychron’ and found a thread with this issue, and the post that was marked as the solution there linked to this guide: /dev/schnouki – How to use a Keychron K2/K4 USB keyboard on Linux . I did everything indicated in that guide, but function keys are not working. Is there another method for this? Maybe this is because the guide mentions K2 keyboard, while I’m using the C2?

to rebuild initramfs
sudo dracut --regenerate-all

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Thank you, will reset the latter steps, then do the first guide and use that command before reporting back.

Sorry, I forgot force …

That should look like
sudo dracut --regenerate-all --force

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Worked like a charm, appreciated.

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