No gui on boot after kernel 5.17.12-200.fc35 upgrade for xfce desktop


After upgrading to kernel 5.17.12-200.fc35 and xfdesktop.x86_64 4.16.0-6.fc35, booting gives a blank screen. After logging in with rescue kernel, and changing identity from root to my login, startxfce4 fails to start gui. A library error message is printed.



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None yet. Could editing the grub boot menu help?

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Please provide the error message and preferably log files.

Are you able to boot the previous kernel?


I won’t be able to provide an error message or log files for another few
days, as I need to keep the currently running f35-xfce session (boot
from usb) up for a few days to deal with work issues.

I was able to boot from the previous kernel and had the same issue: no
gui. Of course, the upgrade of xfdesktop and perhaps of other display
related software over previous weeks is probably part of the issue.

Possibly extraneous remarks:
In any case, I am reluctant to reinstall f35-xfce for fear that I will
run into exactly the same issue when I use dnf to upgrade to the current
software level.
My plan is to try f36-xfce.

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What graphics card are you using? Is it the mighty Nvidia?

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CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i5-10210U
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation CometLake-U GT2 [UHD
Graphics] (rev 02)