No Btrfs in F33 beta?

I did a fresh installation of F33 beta on my laptop. I used the existing partition of the F32 installation but each partition could be edited during the F33 installation. I didn’t find an option of btrfs when choosing the partition type in the drop-down menu. After the installation was completed, I checked the partition type and found again the ext4. What’s the problem?

At the Installation Destination screen, Figure 12 in the install guide, which path did you take? I think you probably chose Custom, and if your previous installation is LVM based, then Custom will not offer Btrfs on top of LVM.

You’d first have to remove everything related to the old installation, i.e. remove the LVM PV, and then specify Btrfs as a “Device Type”, Figure 18, where it says Standard Partition there are three other options: LVM, Btrfs, and RAID. In this interface LVM and Btrfs are mutually exclusive. You may not want to do that if your /home is on an LVM LV, and your intention is to keep it.

Depending on the layout you have, you likely need a complete backup of /home (and in my opinion two backups of anything important), and then you’d completely remove the prior installation: boot root and home - which you can do from Automatic partitioning. And then it will create a Btrfs-based installation into the resulting free space. Once you complete GNOME Initial Setup, you’ll restore your files from backup into the new /home.


Oh, I see. I’ll have a try. Thank you very much!

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