No audio output device after unplugging HDMI cable Fedora 35

Hi everyone,

The default audio output device does not switch automatically on Fedora 35. For example if I plug in an HDMI cable the output device remains 'Speakers - Built-in Audio ’ in settings.

What I think is worse, the device remains blank in settings after unplugging the cable and I have to click on the dropdown to select the builtin speakers once again.

Here is a screenshot:

This issue wasn’t present in Fedora 34.

Things change, please read the change-log of F35 and check if the changes are working on your machine. > wireplumber

How to debug:

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Yeah. If everything updated ok, this is probably a bug in Pipewire.

Sorry, I had to clarify this is a clean install. This appears to be a bug indeed. I really doubt that it is an intended change. I submitted a bug report just now.