No audio on my machine


I’ve had no luck with audio on my machine (a Huawei BOM-WXX9 M1010 laptop). I’ve tried on several distros (Ubuntu 23.10, Debian 12) and now I’m on Fedora 39 Gnome. There is only a Dummy Output option (sound does work when using headphones though), so I fear it may be a particular driver issue.

KDE does list a ‘Renoir Radeon High Definition Audio Controller Pro’ that does show that there is audio output through it, but I still can’t hear a thing.


Aside from that, I’ve been having trouble getting some Bluetooth headphones working. When I try to connect them, Plasma will say ‘Couldn’t configure PowerLocus 6’, and I had no luck using them through USB although they can connect via Bluetooth or USB perfectly fine to my Steam Deck.

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