No audio input device with Airpod Pros

I can connect my Airpod Pros and they work great. However, I am unable to use the microphone, and my sound panel just says “No Input Device”.

You need to switch profiles to use mic input, the A2DP profile is output-only. See here for some discussion on this. This should not be specific to Asahi in any way, it’s general Bluetooth stuff.

According to this WirePlumber should automatically switch profile when a microphone is needed, but you need to actually start an app that uses the microphone. If that doesn’t work (or doesn’t work with AirPods) then it’s probably an upstream issue.

Okay, I’ll have to try with some other software, but it’s definitely not switching automatically for the software I use, lol. I’ll do some playing around when I get some time and see if I can resolve this.