No apps listed in the app chooser

I’m using a flatpak app (Frescobaldi) which has a menu to open the PDF file generated by the app.
When I click on it, the app chooser opens up and tells me that there’s no app available to open the PDF file (which is not true of course).

This happens on Fedora 38 Workstation. I’m quite sure I don’t have this problem on Fedora 38 Silverblue (installed on my laptop at home).

Do you have any idea of what could be wrong?

I used to play with lilypond some years ago (maybe even whole decade ago). Your post intrigued me so I quickly installed lilypond & frescobaldi to see what’s going on. I never used frescobaldi before (cranked notation in vim and had makefiles). This frescobaldi looks like nice app. So, enough of intro. Let’s see what’s up.

  1. Mine is not installed as flatpack, but with dnf.

Source : frescobaldi-3.3.0-1.fc38.src.rpm
Repository : @System
From repo : fedora

  1. For testing purposes I first exported rendering via “print as pdf” from print dialog, and then with lilypond under different name. I tried to open both of them from “File > Open” or “CTRL + O” and they both open in “Music View” (the one on the right).

They also open in evince (Document viewer) when double clicked in nautilus (Files). And finally they both open in frescobaldi preview when I secondary click in nautilus and pick open with frescobaldi.

  1. So can You try any of those. Also, did you name pdf file with .pdf extension (greatmusic.pdf)?

The menu is LilyPond>Generated Files. Frescobaldi will search for a PDF viewer to open the file right away, without opening a file manager first.

If you installed Frescobaldi via dnf, it will work for sure.
The problem is probably specific of the flatpak installation, at least on Fedora Workstation.

I hope it’s more clear now.

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Well, I cannot reproduce it anymore. I guess an update fixed the problem.
Here some information of today status:

$ rpm -q xdg-desktop-portal

From the journalctl logs:

giu 21 17:46:55 federico xdg-desktop-por[2741]: Failed to associate portal window with parent window 
giu 21 17:47:06 federico frescobaldi[13588]: atk-bridge: get_device_events_reply: unknown signature
giu 21 17:47:08 federico systemd[1848]: Started dbus-:1.2-org.gnome.evince.Daemon@12.service.