Nitroshare app website claiming fedora support?

okay i wanted to transfer files pdf… from my laptop to the desktop, so i looked up ad found an app nitroshare in their website they claiming that sudo dnf install nitroshare, because "NitroShare has recently been added to Fedora and can be installed with the following command"from their web site .
and when i try that error no match !!?? any solution or its a scam ?

not working here too … looks like some people advertised before finishing the ground work.

I think that it was orphaned (redired) from the Fedora repository around Fedora 27. I don’t know why, maybe nobody from the community want to maintain the packaging work.

Here we have the explanation: Re: Orphaning nitroshare - devel - Fedora Mailing-Lists


I do a very similar transfer quite regularly and I simply set up an NFS share (the desktop PC being the server). Since both machines are on the same local LAN, the setup is easy. From the laptop I mount the share (read and write) whenever needed.

Good thing is: no internet connection, nor any third-party server or service involved. A simple ethernet cable between two computers is all you need.

Good enough for you?


yeah its enough, but sometimes i want to share files with my friends, for example we are in the library working in a project he has a mac i am on linux we use usb key, so i was searching for a solution when i found the app i just asked for the solution but it seems their site is a scam xd.

Why are you stating that?

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See this on the bright side. There are alternative ways to solve your problem. @florian’s suggestion is neat. That’s what I do too. MacOS is similar to Linux … so a LAN network with NFS file share should do


However NFS could be not trivial to set up.
Another alternative could be syncthing.

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You and your friends sign up for a free test instance of nextcloud ( or, install the nextcloud client (win, mac, Linux), and you are all in sync of a certain set of files you are working on…

But mouning NFS shares should also work on MacOSX - so that seems to be the easiest…

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Perhaps Firefox Send (ffsend) is an option for your requirements:


Just in case (according to an year old article comments):

dnf install ffsend
Had required the Modular repos enabled.

Btw Firefox send and Nextcloud are different from the concept of Nitroshare: they need an internet connection and rely on third party services, while NFS, Nitroshare and Syncthing (maybe others) can work in a local network and they involve only the receiving and the sender hosts.