cannot be reached

Just now, is not accessible.

Verified with Mobile Phone using mobile data, same result, with different message:

This site can't be reached took too long to respond.
Checking the connection

Access is OK now.

I’m glad it’s working now. In the future, you may want to post to the test mailing list instead. That’s still the main channel for the QA team.

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hum, so, this is unnecessarily a double redirect, which makes it more fragile: nightly.fp.o redirects to , which is my personal server where the page used to live, which then redirects to Fedora nightly compose finder which is where it lives now. We could probably make the nightly.fp.o URL just redirect straight to Fedora nightly compose finder , which would make it not fail if my server is down.

edit: we’ve done that now, it’s a single redirect all within from now on.