Night Light stop working after autoremove, any solution please?

Hi friends,

Each time I use autoremove I lose the Night Light feature it’s setting working but no colors change, dnf installed "Fedora Workstation" repair it but the autoremove stopped it again, any solution please?

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You need to be aware of what autoremove does. It removes (possibly) unused packages that have no dependency requirements and are leaves to the package manager tree, but those packages may be needed, so just using autoremove without verifying what is being removed can break things.

If you look at what packages autoremove took away for you then you can reinstall the needed one for the night light feature. dnf history can help.

I could be a bit sarcastic and say “if autoremove breaks your system then don’t use autoremove!”, but I won’t. :wink:


Thanks @computersavvy you are right, I always read carefully and try to understand which packages the autoremove will remove but I am still not a pro user.

I fixed the problem, I use NVIDIA driver and the NVIDIA uses xorg server and it set it as default for Gnome, after I did an autoremove the default server was changed to Wayland so I did:

1- A reinstall to akmod-nvidia (not sure if it’s necessary).
2- A reinstall to xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda (also not sure if it’s necessary).
3- Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf by uncommenting “WaylandEnable=false” and adding “DefaultSession=gnome-xorg.desktop”.

now I can do an autoremove without losing the Night Light feature.

Best Regards.

Glad you fixed it. Sometimes things just bite the best of us and we have to figure out what happened. Good luck.

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