Nginx Mainline repository for Fedora 31

Is there any mainline repository for Nginx for Fedora 31? Or is the only method by building from source?

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Hello @nspeaks …! Welcome to the community! Please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here when you have the time. They contain lots of useful information.

If I understand you correctly you would like to install nginx in your server:

you don’t need to build from source…

  1. sudo dnf search nginx isn’t enough
  2. Nginx - Fedora Project Wiki
  3. Also you can run as a container with Docker or PodmanHow to run NGINX as a Docker container | TechRepublic
  4. Official Container Image →




Yes but what I am looking at is a simpler way of installing the current mainline version of Nginx without needing to build from source. Apart from the docker/podman method, is there no repository maintaining the current version of Nginx?