NFS server on new kernel 5.10.11

Hi, I recently updated to the new kernel 5.10.11.
After that, I observed problems with my Kodi installation which access media files via NFS. Movies would play, but are disturbed and skipping lots of frames.
I rebooted into 5.10.10 and the problem has disappeared.

I did not check whether SMB gives other results, so I will verify this as a next step.

Is there a known issue or something I need to adjust on my Fedora server?

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Hi @mbo77 : welcome to the forum.

Could you please look at your journal to see if there are any errors in the 5.10.11 boot that may be related? I don’t see a bug filed about this on our bug tracker yet:

Kernel: Bug List

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OK, I used journalctl --boot to investigate the information around NFS. So far, I don’t see any warning or error message.

In the meantime I accessed the same file via SMB in Kodi and it played just fine under 5.10.11.
I didn’t test if writing to the NFS server will end up in corrupted files, maybe I will run some tests later.

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OK, I did some further investigation.

  • I verified file access from another Fedora system with copying data from a local filesystem to the NFS share and I verified the integrity of the file with md5sum, both on the client and on the server: no violation found
  • I used VLC and Kodi to play the files from the locally mounted path (via NFS) on my system: no more glitches
  • Kodi uses his own libnfs implementation and accesses via URI like nfs:///, which causes glitches while playing back the media
  • Kodi accessing the same file with his own SMB implementation works fine as well as already mentioned before

So my assumption is that the libnfs implemention has some issues with the current NFS server from 5.10.11.

I will try to gather more information from the Kodi guys.


OK, this seems to confirm my observation: Unable to play some media under kernel 5.10.11 when using NFS · Issue #19147 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Looks like libnfs doesn’t like the changes done in kernel 5.10.11


I can confirm that the issue has been fixed in kernel 5.10.15 as this particular use-case hasn’t been tested before it found it’s way into 5.10.11.
Playback from NFS now is smooth again :wink:


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