Newbie needs info on installing/using rpm fusion on v38

I haven’t used Linux in a number of years. I heard about rpmfusion and went to its website to install it. Here are my questions:

  1. Does it install an icon in the activity->apps section, or is it something executed in a terminal
  2. I think that i installed the free and non-free repositories. How do i verify this?
  3. How do i gain access to the games rpms? Likewise, is there access to their sources?
    I will have more questions as my usage increases.
  1. You can enable the RPM Fusion repos by downloading the repo files (requires GNOME Software or KDE Discover?) or by command line. Enabling the repos won’t add any icon to your apps launcher. Installing GUI apps will usually add icons (these icons are known as desktop files).

  2. dnf repolist should should show 4 additional items: rpmfusion-free, rpmfusion-free-updates, rpmfusion-nonfree, and rpmfusion-nonfree-updates.

  3. You can search RPM Fusion pkgdb (and similarly Fedora Packages).

    You can also download rpms or srpms using dnf download (see man dnf-download). srpms are in separate repos which are disabled by default (see dnf repolist --all '*-source'), but the --source option will enable them temporarily:

    dnf download --source xbill

Thanks for the info. I did step 2 and the 2nd paragraph of step 3. I just got a book on v37 Fedora and will see if it clears anything up.

I assume you mean you did this.

Note that is only an example of how to use the --source option and was probably not intended for you to actually do so.

A reference for using dnf is here.