New website | confusion with old sites (sub-domains) | dublicated content?

I do understand that we still want to keep the old links like Fedorians invested a lot of time to create them too.

But I could already find comments in the internet/youtube that the new website partially is not ready yet.

It is not true, people just not understood that we do have a single domain yet.

So i guess it would make sense to make a comment on the subdomain pages that there exists a new version of this sub-domain pages and how they can reach them. is not direct reachable over there comes a
403 Forbidden error

Correct way to reach the url is using the page and select “get fedoa” menu point and choose what they like to see in the sub-menu on the left hand side (on big screens).

Other toughs I had about the subdomains is to retire them in the future, while rename them as an example like and not let this archives index anymore from search engines. So we can still use the original sub-domain to redirect to the archives, to give users outside of the time to change links in howtos/manual too.

I am sure it was the right step to make the official website as a single domain. The feedback in the internet so far is also very positive about this change.

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My preference is to retire the subdomains in favor of permanent redirects to new pages within the new site. We learned (or, are learning) a hard lesson with our very old Fedora Docs content for releases before Fedora Linux 17/18. The search engines are persistent and it can be hard to tell them to ignore very old web content even when you try.

So, I think it would be cleaner to permanently retire the web content on the existing site without rehosting it. I think there are other ways we can honor the work of the community for their time on Fedora Spins, Labs, and their websites.

Generally, I am in favor of this change because I think it will be a good step to making all Spins and Labs feel more integrated into the Fedora web presence. I hypothesize this will give them a little more weight than perhaps they have now.