New "@" variants for letters beyond a — check out 'f'!

a: at

b: bat (with bat wings)

c: cat (with ears and a cat face; ears labeled “rendered in color in emoji fonts”)

d: data

e: eat

f: new fedora logo

g: swirly 9

h: internationally recognized warning symbol for high-energy haberdashery

i and j: literally no font makes these two distinguishable

k: mostly used by millennials who go by Kat

l: I tried several times to draw this without it looking like a butt

m: mastodon

n: nastodon

o: swirl (has extra loops around it)

p: patpat

q: only ever used for phishing emails (looks very similar to a)

r: frowny emoji v2 (has a pair of eyes drawn in it, the r in the middle is a frowny mouth)

s: swish

t: used in advertising by both churches and tattoo places (looks like a cross in a circle, but also could be read “tat”)

u: uwu

v: very

w: wheeeee

x: whirlpool (has two half-circles coming out of opposite sides of the X)

y: yo

z: zip

from emily, on mastodon


Not going to lie, the W variant really looks like the Wayland logo!