New proposed common issue found: workstation repos contain Google Chrome repo, but Chrome can't be installed

Hello, everyone! I have found a Bugzilla report which someone has marked as a potential Common Issue.

I am not clever enough to analyze that report and write helpful text, but I’ve marked this post as a wiki so you can help! Please take a look at the linked bug and then edit this post, following the hidden comments and the Proposed Common Issues guidelines.

Thank you!



Not yet known.

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Bugzilla report: #2170839


None yet.

@mattdm is the bot misbehaving?
Right now there are three posts pointing to the same bug.

Looks like it. I had to adjust it to point at this site, and may have knocked something loose in the process. :classic_smiley:

Yes. It was still looking for “” in the whiteboard, not finding it, and then adding “”. Whoops. Fixed.

The underlying problem has been resolved, let’s close this, no need to document it.

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