New proposed common issue found: Update notifications not shown on Fedora 38 KDE

Hello, everyone! I have found a Bugzilla report which someone has marked as a potential Common Issue.

I am not clever enough to analyze that report and write helpful text, but I’ve marked this post as a wiki so you can help! Please take a look at the linked bug and then edit this post, following the hidden comments and the Proposed Common Issues guidelines.

Thank you!



Not yet known.

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Bugzilla report: #2178311


None yet.

This issue can be ignored since the bug will likely be classified as a blocker bug and won’t make it out to the release, so except beta testers nobody will be affected.

see Issue #1106: [plasma-discover] Update notifications not shown on Fedora 38 KDE | rhbz#2178311 - blocker-review -

I am proposing to close or delete this topic. How do we deal with false positive Proposed Common Issues?

In general, can we not pause the Common Issues Bot until release day?

I just introduced code to issuebot which checks to find current release numbers — and that actually has special code to include the branched / beta release. We could disable that.

But, the bot only works on bugs with the CommonBugs keyword, which presumably @adamwill put there on purpose for some reason…

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Well, yeah. The reason is that common issues is not intended only for stable releases. It is absolutely part of the scope to document issues in the Beta. People run the Beta; that’s what it’s for; we want to let them know about common problems in it, so they don’t get frustrated and we don’t get duplicate reports.

Please don’t reject proposed issues just because they’re for a pre-release or they’re nominated as blockers, that isn’t how the process is supposed to work.

This specific one we can reject, though, because it seems like the problem is somehow specific to the automated test - when folks test manually, the notifications are showing up. So it shouldn’t be a problem for users.


Yeah, I removed the Common Bugs nomination.

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