New proposed common issue found: Switching keyboard layout by Anaconda does not work in mutter (Wayland)

Hello, everyone! I have found a Bugzilla report which someone has marked as a potential Common Issue.

I am not clever enough to analyze that report and write helpful text, but I’ve marked this post as a wiki so you can help! Please take a look at the linked bug and then edit this post, following the hidden comments and the Proposed Common Issues guidelines.

Thank you!



Not yet known.

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Bugzilla report: #1389959


None yet.

This is already documented in Common F29 bugs - Fedora Project Wiki . The bot just isn’t aware of these old URLs. This can be closed.

This happened because that bug was re-versioned to F36. IssueBot probably should have skipped it as closed (right now, it doesn’t do that, because in some cases we might want to document something still.)

But in general if there’s a bug documented for an old release in the wiki that’s still biting people in current releases, it’s probably good to also document it here, right? (An advantage of the Discourse approach is that we can carry those reports forward and just keep adding tags…)

You’re right. But in this particular example the situation was improved, Anaconda includes now some explanatory message on how to configure layouts, so I think it’s not needed.