New proposed common issue found: sddm-wayland-plasma does not respect keyboard layout variant

Hello, everyone! I have found a Bugzilla report which someone has marked as a potential Common Issue.

I am not clever enough to analyze that report and write helpful text, but I’ve marked this post as a wiki so you can help! Please take a look at the linked bug and then edit this post, following the hidden comments and the Proposed Common Issues guidelines.

Thank you!



Not yet known.

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: #2187858


None yet.

Let’s give it some time, but according to me testing (see bugzilla), this seems to have a limited impact and is not a general issue.

If anyone can put some time into debugging that problem and figure out when exactly it occurs and whether there’s a workaround, write that info into bugzilla and then update this topic, that would be very welcome.